By: Alex Acosta  Saturday, January 26, 2019 @ 10:58 AM

My name is Gerardo Venegas I am 39 years old I am Original from Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua
I started to travel to the USA in the year 2000, due to good results that I was having within my career as a bull rider in Mexico. I decided to buy my PRCA membership in the middle of the year 2000, I went to around 10 or 15 rodeos and I began to do well, so I decided to emigrate to the US to be closer to the events, in 2001 I settled in the city of Arlington TX. With some colleagues and friends of the rodeo and I start traveling around the area, because in this area there has always been a great level of competition even in open categories, in 2002, in 2003 I decided to buy my PBR membership in that same year I get to qualify for the level of BFTS (built ford touch series) and I manage to win a BFTS event, qualifying for the first time to the world finals, my best achievements as a rider are having been able to qualify the event of that level and get to qualify to the world finals I managed to obtain several championships of touring pro division events, win 1 BFTS and of course qualify the world finals 2 years inside and one more as alternating, today times have changed a lot, and I think that for the benefit of the riders
 Before there was no invitation under any exception, your place in the big events you had to win there was no other way, now there are invitations and I think it is a great opportunity that is given to the boys

In 2018, I contacted the PBR office to invite me to join the team as a coach, something I do with great affection. My net is to help the boys to play a good role, I think that talent has it, it's not easy, especially when the riders that make up the US and Brazil team are the 14 best riders in the world but in the end it is a rider against a bull, if each one of them focuses and does his work we have a good opportunity.

As a Mexican rider it is difficult to compete at the level of Brazil or the United States, the only way to do it is to measure yourself with them and the only way to do it is by being here in the United States. It was one of the things that I decided to come to live in the United States, it's a big difference between the cattle and the level of competition, I think the main thing is that you have to be there competing with them so that you start to get a better level like rider, the riders who are part of the Mexican team are almost all riders who have been riding in the United States, or who are now going through a good stage of their career as professional riders
What Mexicans really need is to be here competing with them, they will never get the same level coming to compete once a month.

for this global cup the boys have to arrive with a winning attitude to give their best effort to achieve a good role, my job is to support them so they do not lose sight of the main objective to complete 8 seconds on their bull, once you have achieved this the rest comes by if only, first god we will obtain a better result than in previous years that is the main objective that we have in mind.

for all the young people who now begin and dream of one day competing at a professional level and representing their country must fight for it, I dreamed it at some point when I was young, they should have a clear mind and set goals. currently social networks create a false image that affects the reality of what is the bull riding must have a lot of passion but above all a lot of dedication must first be good riders and then create their image on social networks, you have to be there on the bulls Chopping stone until tired work hard to achieve the goal is not something that is overnight or in a year, being a good rider takes time, it is a very beautiful and very dangerous sport at the same time you have to be very aware of what you should do in this race.