By: Alex Acosta  Monday, January 28, 2019 @ 11:25 AM




I started as a kid in charrería my father fattened bulls and we had horses, I liked riding a lot of horses and there I would go up to the calves if I knew anything then I formally started in the charrería monte my first torillo in the charreada I liked a lot and I started I met people who were dedicated to riding bulls at the rodeos and I started to hit and since I was a little boy at 12 or 13 years old I was already going to the rodeos riding the big bulls at 14 years of age.

When I started riding bulls I saw the rodeos on TV at that time they did not exist
social networks and so much mess of that (hahaha) or videos I got and since then I always wanted to come here for the United States and ride here.
Then I started riding rodeos in Mexico in all the rodeos there was and in 2006 it was when I came to the United States and started riding here and a July 4th Independence Day was when I won my first PBR in Gidings Texas.

The first time I went to Australia was in 2007 was in the first global Cup the first one that was made, from the first time I went I fell very well Australia was very good in fact the second most expensive ride that was achieved was there in the overall cup during the second raund of 91.5 points and not since then I loved going to Australia and did not return until 2013 or 2014 I do not remember it well.

I represented Mexico in Australia, the United States, Canada, Brazil and thank God every country I received very well eh made many friends so when I retire to ride bulls if I want to go on vacation in any of those countries I have insurance where to stay without having to pay hotel.

I do not remember all the events that I won just remember the bigger ones I have more than 30 buckles some won out of Mexico.

I injured myself in 2015 and I did not think back I thought that this bull riding was over and I was practically retired in 2016 I had very few PBR events in Mexico and already in 2017 I was healthy and with a healthy mind I started to do better to the point of becoming a national champion in PBR Mexico, thank God.

I never imagined achieving a brand or record like the one I'm about to achieve, the truth is that we all ride for the money to win but at the last when you're big and you did something that was worth it all the most important the friends you made during the race, even if people remember you when you are retired when they no longer see you riding, because it feels very chingon.

The goal for this global cup is to WIN, the truth is a difficult challenge but not impossible, although it is my team to do my part and try to stay in all my bulls.

The idea of ​​retirement crosses my mind so you can only be riding bulls for a year, but I still love riding bulls very hard, every time I have a bull I feel like never retreating that feeling you feel is unmatched

My advice for the new generations is that if you really love something, do not abandon it, be disciplined, work hard, always give 100% and your dreams can be fulfilled. Do not give up even when you are defeated, this is the most dangerous sport in the world and you have to be ready and willing to pay the price.

I represented Mexico in 5 countries and competed in 6 world cups of PBR this year, I go for the number 7 and if you work hard you can also achieve it.