Carlos Diaz pioneer in sports medicine at the rodeo in mexico

By: Alex Acosta  Tuesday, February 26, 2019 @ 5:03 PM

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Carlos Díaz Hernández, surgeon from Cuauhtémoc Chihuahua, is 36 years old and performs one of the most important and little known tasks for the rodeo fans in Mexico. He is the Sand Doctor who works hours before starting an event to review the physical condition of the riders as well as follow up injuries suffered by the cowboys in previous events a task that takes even beyond the events or office hours is considered together with PBR Mexico as pioneers in carrying this type of care of bull riders in Mexico. It is worth mentioning that this is considered the most extreme sport in the world and the injuries suffered by athletes are compared to injuries suffered in automobile accidents and can even have serious consequences such as the case of Ty Possobon who suffered brain damage due to multiple contusions and Mason Lowe who suffered serious damage to the chest when stepped on by a bull, in both cases the riders lost their lives.

Carlos Díaz or Doc. Charly, as the riders know, tells us a little about the work he performs at PBR México ...

My liking for him was born in 1998 after venturing as a bull rider. From there, I remain active as a bull rider until the year of 2017 when I retire for important injuries in my career as a rider,
Combined both passions why there is a great need for medical attention in rodeo events since on certain occasions in the course of this great sport considered the most extreme of the planet there is no presence of a doctor in the arenas which is vital and necessary since before the injuries suffered by horse riders, horse riders with saddles, horse riders with pretal are high impact with injuries that can remove them for life and even lose their life hence my dream of being a sand doctor to provide that essential attention in the first minutes of injury which is very important since the physical integrity of each participant is at risk, as well as to follow up on each injury suffered, which is my passion and to obtain the position of doctor PBR MEXICO sand for me is a dream come true since I am in the most important company worldwide.

 The biggest challenge as a sand doctor is to prepare myself more to give an excellent quality of attention since there are situations and complications in a sports injury such as the rodeo, since the injuries are severe and high impact that requires preparation and study and Primarily an excellent response team for making decisions when it comes to dealing with a shocked rider.

It is a very difficult challenge to deal with the cowboys and give continuity to their injuries since the riders are from different parts of the Republic, which for lack of preventive medicine or in their corrective case do not follow 100% the indications given after a injury valued and treated, I have to make them understand that every injury inflicted by a 700kg animal is not to be taken lightly. Most riders ignore the indications, they are stubborn and careless of their health but little by little this has changed and they begin to take care of themselves and take this more seriously.

Before the rodeo in Mexico if I consider myself a pioneer since there was no doctor to attend in the rodeo arenas and I am the first as such, and being honest I declare myself an admirer of the work of Dr. Tandy Freeman who is medical director of sports medicine of PBR, I have followed his trajectory for a long time which he is a clear example that when you persevere you can.

My future vision or legacy for this sport would be to implement good mechanisms of care protocols to the contingencies that may arise in the rodeo as well as research contributions of injuries and possible physiological complications and share information to the different state rodeo associations Nacional level
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